Commission Structure


Our system is designed to provide not only enormous income, but also residual income.

How does it work?

You build a relationship with as many real estate agents, mortgage companies, insurance agents and companies and secure residential/insurance/commercial inspections for KRC.

How can I build that kind of relationship?

Build your own business network by visiting real estate or insurance offices, introduce yourself as the KRC Home Inspection sales representative and exchange your business card for theirs. You can visit business related workshops, and offer to do presentations at future workshops or seminars. As you grow in the business, you will develop techniques that work best for you.

How do I get paid?

  1. Invoice KRC Home Inspection weekly or biweekly
  2. You get paid 5-10% of every inspection fee.

Here is how inspection request is submitted

For your convenience and record keeping purposes, our system is internet based. Each time you or your customers order an inspection, by checking your name in the “Referred by” dropdown box, the system will automatically email you a copy of the inspection request as well, and it is credited to you. On the Request Form “Referred by” your name is identified.

Try our internet request system here

Additionally, inspections can be requested by email, telephone or fax

Can I do this part time?

This is considered one of the greatest part time jobs ever. Once you do your initial contact, maintaining your network is a matter of building cohesive relationships with your customers.

How do I get started?

Just fill out the form below and submit or call 954-962-4272


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