Troubleshooting Tips - Dishwasher

Before you call for service …

Problem Possible Causes What to Do
Dishwasher not running Blown fuse, or circuit breaker tripped Replace fuse, or reset circuit breaker. Check if circuit is overloaded.
Noisy Utensils not secure in rack or small item has dropped into the rack Make sure everything is properly secured
  Dishes rattling when spray arm rotates Make sure dishes are properly loaded
  Motor humming Dishwasher not being used on a regular basis. Keep the seal moist by setting dishwasher to fill and pump out once a week.
Water pooling in the bottom of the tub Normal This keeps the water seal lubricated
Suds in tub Incorect detergent Use only automatic dishwasher detergents to avoid sudsing. To remove suds, open the dishwasher to allow suds to dissipate. Add a gallon of cold water to the tub. Close and latch dishwasher. Pump out water slowly by turning the dial until a drain period is reached. Repeat if neccessary.
Stains inside tub Tea or Coffee stains Remove stain by hand, using a solution of 1/2 cup bleach and 3 cups water.
  Tomato sauces Start with the RINSE ONLY cycle after adding dish. Then wash normally.
WARNING - wait at least 20 minutes after a cycle for the elements to cool down. Failure to do so can result in serious burns.
  Yellow or brown film This is caused by iron deposits in the water. Call a water softener company to have a special filter installed.
  Hard water deposits Run dishwasher with diluted citric acid or vinegar. Use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer to prevent hard water mineral deposits from forming.