Troubleshooting Tips - Dryer

Before you call for service …

Problem Possible Causes What to Do
Dryer doesn't start Dryer is unplugged Check to see that the plug is pushed completely into the outlet
  Fuse is blown/Circuit breaker is tripped Check fuse/circuit breaker box and replace fuse or reset breaker
Dryer not heating Fuse is blown/Circuit breaker is tripped Check fuse/circuit breaker box and replace both fuses or reset both breakers. The dryer may tumble if only one fuse is blown or one breaker is tripped.
Dryer shakes abnormally or is noisy Dryer may be sitting unevenly Adjust leveling legs as neccessary until even.
Greasy spots on clothes Clothes were not completely cleaned Sometimes stains appear only after drying. Treat fabric with stain remover and wash again.
Lint on Clothes Lint filter is full overloading paper or tissue left in pockets Clean lint screen before each load, separate large loads into smaller ones, clear pockets before washing.
Inconsisten drying times Size/Type of load Automatic drying times will vary according to size or type of load, fabrics, wetness of clothes and condition of the exhaust ducts.
Too long to dry Improper sorting Separate heavy items from light items before washing
  Large loads of heavy fabrics, like towels Separate into smaller loads to speed drying time
  Controls improperly set Use recommended control settings for the load
  Lint filter is full Clean lint filter before every load
  Obstructed Duct Make sure ducting is clean, free of kinks and unobstructed
    Check Installation Instructions to make sure dryer venting is correct
Clothes are wrinkled Overdrying Select a shorter drying time, remove items while slightly less than dry
  Overloading Separate large loads into smaller ones
  Letting clothes sit in dryer after cycle ends Remove items immediately when cycle ends and hand or fold
Clothes shrink Some fabrics will shrink in dryer Read garment labels and follow instructions. Some fabrics may be pressed back into shape.