Troubleshooting Tips - Refrigerators

Before you call for service …

Problem Possible Causes What to Do
Refrigerator does not operate Refrigerator in defrost cycle Wait about 40 minutes for defrost cycle to end
  Controls are set to "Off" Move the controls to a temperature setting
  Refrigerator is unplugged Push the plug completely in the socket
  Fuse is blown or circuit breaker is tripped Replace fuse or reset breaker
Frost or ice crystals Door left open Check if package is preventing door from closing
Automatic icemaker not working Power switch on "Off" Set the power switch to "On" position
  Water supply not connected Check your Owner's manual for instructions to reconnect
  Freezer compartment too warm Wait 12-24 hours for the refrigerator to cool down
  Piled up ice cubes caused the icemaker to shut off Level cubes in the bin by hand
Frequent buzzing sound Icemaker power switch is "On" but water is not connected Set power switch to "Off" position to avoid damage to the water valve
Ice cubes have funny taste or odor Ice storage bin needs cleaning Empty the bin and discard old ice cubes
  Interior of refrigerator needs cleaning Clean
No ice cubes Supply lin or shutoff valve is clogged Call a plumber
Refrigerator has odor Foods transmitting odors Tightly wrap foods with intense odors; keep an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator, replacing it every three months
Food freezing in the Refrigerator control is set too cold Adjust
  Food too close to air vent Rearrange Items
Water dispenser does not work Water supply line not connected Install the water supply line
  Water filter clogged Replace filter cartridge
  Air may be trapped in the water system Press the dispenser arm for at least 2 minutes
Water spurting from dispenser Filter cartridge is new Run water from the dispenser for at least 3 minutes
Water not being dispensed Water in reservoir is frozen Set rerfrigerator control to a warmer setting and wait for 24 hours. If problem persists, call your service person
No water or ice cube production Shutoff valve or supply line clogged Call plumber
  Filter cartridge not properly installed Remove and reinstall filter cartridge properly. Check owner's manual
Water leaking from dispenser Possibly air in the water line Dispense water for at least 2 minutes to remove air from the line
Water has poor taste or odor Dispenser not being used Dispense all water until the supply is replenished
Actual temperature not equal to set temperature Warm food added to refrigerator Allow 24 hours for system to stabilize
  Defrost cycle in process Allow 24 hours to stabilize