Troubleshooting Tips - Garbage Disposal

Before you call for service …

WARNING! Before attempting to investigate the disposal unit, you must disconnect the power supply.

Problem Possible Causes What to Do
Unusually loud noises Silverware or other foreign object Remove the splash guard, and remove object with tongs. Replace splash guard.
Disoposer does not start Reset button has been tripped Remove splash guard, check to see if turntable moves freely. Replace splash guard and check rest button at base of unit to see if it has been tripped. [Red button near button of disposer, opposite the discharge elbow] Push to button in until it clicks and remains depressed.
If problem persists, check for shorted or broken wire connecting to the disposer. Check the electrical power switch, fuse box or circuit breaker. If wiring and electical components are intact, call a serviceman.
  Turntable cannot rotate Check for an object lodged between the turntable and the grind ring. Dislodge object by moving the turntable with a broom handle, then remove the object. If no foreign object is present, call a serviceman.
Leaking disposer The sink connection is loose Tighten the flanges holding the gasket or replace the gaskets
  The drain connection is loose Tighten the drain flanges or replace the drain gasket.
  The housing gasket is damaged Replace the gasket.